The 'Cobras' Sneaker - Bold. Unapologetic. Epic. A new king sneaker takes shape.

MILAN — There’s a new king snaking to the top of the sneakerverse. To close 2021, Giuseppe Zanotti has tapped hip hop artist Young Thug to introduce its newest icon: the COBRAS sneaker. First previewed during Milan Fashion Week in September, the new men’s low-top features a 3D cobra that wraps around the body of the shoe, its head stealthily sitting atop the toe. Often used by Giuseppe Zanotti in his dress shoe collections, the long-held symbol of power and transformation comes to bold life for the first time on a sneaker. From its scaled and sculpted body undulating around the entirety of the tread to its eyes set with crystals to the snake pattern reappearing on the sole, the COBRAS rises to mythological status.
“I have always loved the symbolism of the snake,” says Giuseppe Zanotti. “It is a powerful and dynamic motif I have explored in many collections, but never before on a sneaker.” He continues: “For the COBRAS, I wanted to infuse an element of street culture and grandeur to snake. I wanted the sneaker to feel larger than life.” Available in four tone-on-tone iterations (pink, red, black and white, respectively), the sneaker will make its debut in a dynamic campaign lensed by photographer Cam Kirk and featuring Atlanta-based rapper, Young Thug. Known for his distinctive, contemporary style, the hip hop legend embodies the transformative style of the COBRAS.
“Young Thug defies classification and stereotypes,” says Giuseppe. “He has always embraced the eccentric, the unapologetic—not only with his music but also with his fashion. He perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the COBRAS.” “For me, Giuseppe is like a chameleon,” says Young Thug. “He’s got the Italian style thing down but knows how to change it up and layer in the unexpected, the street. It’s fire.”