Introducing “Giuseppe Zanotti Ferox”, a clean-lined, fashion-forward sneaker dropping for 2021

MILAN—Clean-lined. Post Modern. Totally Giuseppe. To kick off 2021, Giuseppe Zanotti is introducing its newest sneaker. Called the GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI FEROX, Latin for fierce, the unisex low-top features a thick, chunky tread and a sleek, aerodynamic silhouette. Elevated, lightweight and crafted in a minimal color scheme of black and white, the striking sneaker takes its design cue from the geometric lines of sports cars and airplanes, with a thoughtfully engineered heel and toe. “New year, new sneaker,” says Giuseppe Zanotti. “I wanted to create a clean slate, figuratively and literally—something that would define a new sense of style and create a strong foundation for the year ahead.”
To wit, no detail has been left to chance. Crafted in suede and leather and featuring oversized chenille laces, the GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI FEROX features a subtle stamped logo on the heel and a leather toe cap at its tip. “Sometimes you make the most impact by paring back,” adds Giuseppe Zanotti. “The GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI FEROX, like its name applies, epitomizes the idea of quite strength and pure courage.” Dropping later this month, a second drop will hit this spring and will feature signature Giuseppe Zanotti embellishments, including gold hardware, exotic prints, crystal embroidery and chain details.