Governance & Sustainability

Creating a sustainable, ethical and inclusive future: this is Giuseppe Zanotti's ongoing commitment, through attentive regulation and a renewed definition of projects both short- and long-term aimed at protecting and sustainably promoting the environment, the land and individuals, which are fundamental aspects integral to the Company's sustainability projects. Through actions that foster knowledge and the sharing of good practices aimed at empowerment, Giuseppe Zanotti Spa promotes and supports environmental protection policies driven by the latest technological developments, from the ongoing optimisation of production and energy processes to the research into and use of certified materials that are non-toxic for both people and ecosystems. This long-term commitment also manifests itself on a social level, with particular focus on the company's organisational well-being in terms of welfare, inclusivity and training, as well as through ongoing collaborations with local authorities for regional development.

Principles of conduct and values such as integrity, lawfulness, honesty, respect and transparency constitute the foundations of Giuseppe Zanotti Spa's operations and relationships. The company, in fact, bases its investments on ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) criteria: the focus on environmental sustainability and animal welfare, as well as the rejection of any direct or indirect discrimination, such as gender bias, are examples of the essential and universal standards to which all who work in the name of and on behalf of the company must conform.

The adoption of the Organisational Model 231 reinforces the values of transparency, honesty and integrity, which are always at the heart of the entity and organisation of Giuseppe Zanotti Spa: thanks to the principles provided for by Legislative Decree 231/2001 and the adoption of established ethical principles, the company guarantees and further defines effective prevention of illicit behaviours that may be actualised in the interests and for the benefit of the company.

Giuseppe Zanotti Spa has obtained ISO 9001 Certification, which certifies the company's Quality Management System. This certifies the company's "Design, manufacturing and sale of high-end shoes, as well as the Sale of bags, accessories and other hand-crafted products made from leather, similar material or fabric". The Quality Management System, which covers all aspects of the company, from product development and trade to production aspects and supplier-base management, is in place to ensure that the products made comply with specifications and that the customer is satisfied with their shopping experience both in terms of the service provided and the product itself.