The neon lights. The energy. The anticipation. Giuseppe Zanotti presents the Backstage Capsule Collection, a special series for women, men and children. Inspired by the pre-show magic of a music concert, the vibrant new line-up melds a modern street-style vibe with designer Giuseppe Zanotti’s unmistakable glamour.

Unexpected and exquisitely crafted, the mini collection is the absolute expression of Zanotti’s inherent DNA: inventive, refined and cutting-edge. The line-up consists of a sculptural leather sandal for women and a leather mid-top sneaker for women, men and children. The collection’s defining characteristic-it’s rich velvet-like texture and saturated color, which is achieved through a special hand-process called flocking-akin to airbrushing.

The sandal, called MISS UNFINISHED, is the apex of Zanotti’s innovation and elegance. A curvy wedge with an invisible heel, the model is at once statement-making and stable. Through extensive technical research, the seemingly gravity-defying heel is resistant, secure and enables a woman to not only look confident in them but feel confident in them too.

“This sandal recalls the silhouette of a woman,” says Giuseppe Zanotti. “There’s a harmony to the sculptural design. It’s as if there’s an imaginary line that extends from the heel to the ankle and it acts as extension of the leg, elegantly lifting a woman up.”

The streamlined sneaker, called THE UNFINISHED, features signature House details, like double side zips and contrast white laces. Colorways include hot pink, vibrant purple, dark grey, navy blue and electric blue.