The “Urchin” sneaker: a fashion-forward, rebellious style made for the modern street

Mischievous. Unapologetic. Youthful. Unexpected. This is the “Urchin”, an innovative, new sneaker designed for next-generation rebels and the kinetic cities they live in. The name says it all: Street urchin, a mischievous, rebel rouser, speaks to the sneaker’s nonconformist attitude. While its specially crafted spiny sole speaks to the distinctive markings of its namesake sea dweller.
GZ Urchin Blk 3
“I’ve always been inspired by the energy and pulse of the city,” says Giuseppe Zanotti. “Whether its Tokyo or Shanghai or New York, the common thread is a non-stop dynamism mixed with an independent attitude. The “Urchin” encapsulates that vitality and unorthodox mindset.” Beginning with the sneaker’s state-of-the-art sole, a lightweight, technical material trimmed with 3D scales, the “Urchin” literally cuts through the crowd.
GZ Urchin White 1
The super flexible upper in neoprene, features graphic contrast trim and lateral deconstructed double zips, a nod to Giuseppe Zanotti’s iconic hardware. Woven through the zips are the sneaker's laces, creating an unexpected trick of the eye.Colorways include two unisex models in black and white, respectively; a women’s low-top in cool nude and a men’s style in vivid orange.
GZ Urchin White 2