The “Talon” Sneaker An old-school court style reimagined for the modern-day maverick.

MILAN—An innovative new sneaker inspired by old-school basketball styles and the most majestic of animals is about to take center court. Introducing the “Talon”—a leather and tech high-top with a distinct eagle claw rubber sole. Revisiting a powerful animal he has used in the past, Giuseppe took the iconic eagle’s talon and transformed it into a statement-making design code.
At once nostalgic, evocative and completely of-the-moment, the “Talon” is the newest entrant in the Giuseppe Zanotti sneakerverse. Inspired by the majestic lightness of the eagle along with street style culture featured in iconic American basketball films like “White Men Can’t Jump”, the Spring Summer 2020 sneaker is a new expression of strength and style. The “Talon” subverts the classic and brings a fresh energy. Crafted from smooth leather and a durable tech fabric, the clean-lined high-top boasts super lightweight construction along with a latex in-sole for added comfort and extra height. Its texture, colors and mix of materials channel bustling metropolises and contemporary urban environments. Special cut-out design and monochromatic logo treatment on the upper round out the thoughtful details. At once punk, incisive and distinct, the sneaker conveys a new sense of freedom.
“Sneakers are an obsession of mine,” says Giuseppe Zanotti. “They have become a form of self-expression so with the Talon I really wanted to create a sneaker that felt nostalgic and contemporary; understated but also powerful.” Beginning with the sneaker’s innovative tread—a lightweight rubber sole molded with an eagle claw—the “Talon” literally glides past the rest. It’s not the first time Giuseppe has referenced wildlife in his designs. From crocodiles to snakes to dragons, these symbols add a layer of power and strength, but out of all of them, the eagle has intrigued Giuseppe the most. “The eagle is at once graceful and powerful—it can adapt to different environments and is able to express its strength even in the most challenging ones,” says Giuseppe. “I loved the inherent dichotomy and symbolism and wanted to bring it this sneaker.” The high-top, previewed during Milan Men’s Fashion Week in January, will be available from February on giuseppezanotti.com as well at the Giuseppe Zanotti flagship stores and key retailers worldwide.