Couture Embellishment

It starts with an instinct for all that is beautiful and dazzling, followed by a hand sketch that becomes the roadmap for precision craftsmanship. With the season’s “Tricia,” an extra layer of dazzle arrives in the form of her cut-out, crisscross, crystal-encrusted back.

Attention to Detail

Like a work of art you can wear, every Giuseppe Zanotti shoe, including the sensational “Sheena” is the result of instinct and craftsmanship. Her intricate mix of chains and crystals are where imagination and time-honored traditions come together to create something truly exclusive.

Like Fine Jewelry

More than just embellishment, Giuseppe’s designs are inspired by the beauty and craftmanship behind fine jewelry making. Case in point: the season’s “Celeste Crystal” bootie. Her rich velvet body is the perfect canvas for a brilliant array of hand-cut leaf crystals. In other words: modern style with traditional craftsmanship.